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Picturesque freshwater lakes and snow-capped mountain vistas characterise the French Alpine region of Savoie, where the Domaine de Chatillon vineyard is nestled on the foothills of Montange de Cessens. The vineyard is named for the enchanting Chateau de Chatillon, which overlooks Lac du Bourget, famously the largest and deepest freshwater lake in France. The castle dates back to the 3rd Century as a Roman fortress, with hidden Roman roads sprawling outwards from its peninsula perch. This is owned by Ed Peter, a Swiss-born wine lover, who also owns the iconic Yarra Yering winery. Ed has been taken with Savoie’s unparalleled beauty for many years, as well as the region’s coveted wines. Among others, one of the Chateau’s most eminent figures is Chevalier Alphonse Lamartine, who had heavy influence in the French political structure, as well as being a canonical figure in Romantic-era poetry.


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Domaine de Chatillon spans 7-hectares, with ideal west-facing, mid-slope that allows the property to drink in sunshine at optimum exposure. Rich soils saturated with limestone, ancient glacial deposits, and marl define the alpine nuances of its wines – a uniquely Chatillon experience. Varieties produced are Jacquére, Rosé, Gamay, and locally revered Mondeuse. Jacquére denotes a vibrant, clean white, with subtle minerality that evokes Chatillon’s idyllic open air and summer sunshine, while Mondeuse is a medium-bodied red with firm tannins and aromatic flavours of raspberry, violets, and spice that echo the dense forest blanketing the mountains. All fruit is hand-picked from the 40-60 year-old vines, and all wines vinified locally to capture freshness & vivacity. Historically, these wines were a local-only privilege to consume, as Savoie produces a mere <1% of France’s wine repertoire. Domaine de Chatillon invites a global audience of wine lovers to savour the French alps and delve into Savoie.

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